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Ski Season in Review and some fun with TNT!
Friday, June 10, 2011

This was by far the best season of my life. Scoring 2 six point races in New Zealand, scoring World Cup points in Beaver Creek and Hinterstoder, and racing the World Championships in Germany all made this season by far the most successful of my career. I am currently ranked 32nd in the world in GS and 46th on World Cup start list (which is 4th or 5th in the US, respectively). Those results will provide me a starting right for every World Cup GS next season. A few people have asked if I’m going to keep skiing and I thought that was a pretty obvious. YES I am.

It was certainly an interesting year once you break it down. I did my best when I was struggling in races leading up to big events. When I did my best I focused on just free skiing with good motivation. I switched models of Head skis far too much throughout the year. I raced on 6 different ski models/constructions and that certainly had some negative consequences. I also went to new Dodge boots in a few instances and sometimes it worked out great and other times it did not.

In life, you can always look back and see where you faltered and could have done better; but frankly, a year ago I was sitting in Lom, Norway wondering if I would continue skiing at all so this year was certainly an overwhelming success. The ski team just announced their team selections for next year and I am not a named member, which was a bit painful. When you’re good enough to make the World Champs team, but not good enough to make the USST you have to really wonder about their age based criteria. I can and will train with them when “it makes sense” in Sasha Rearich’s words and look forward to that as I really enjoyed working with the WC tech staff last season. They are a great crew and they were super helpful throughout the season. Over the years, I have certainly learned life is not about your title or credentials; it’s about making the best decisions you can at the time and doing your best to set yourself up for success. I have learned to expect nothing from the USST and will continue to do so. I am really hoping for insurance through the ski team’s plan with the USOC; but once again, that’s a hope for the best, expect the worst program. In the past, I have occasionally become caught up in my disdain for the ski team, but it really doesn’t do anyone any good. In moments when you’re bummed out you need to open your eyes look around and realize your life is still a cut above many others. It is time to refocus on what made my year most fulfilling on and off the slopes: goals are for the birds and live only one half hour at a time. The last month I’ve done some amazing things with my real Team (Team No Team or TNT). This is the team that likes me for what I am and here are a couple short clips that reiterate that from heli-skiing Folgefonna Glacier in Norway


and being a stowaway member of the Gumball 3000 team. This was on our three day rally from Istanbuhl, Turkey back to Folgefonna, Norway when we crossed the boarder from Turkey to Greece.


(on Top Gear, nbd haha)

Right now, I’m back in Norway for a few more days of training after a ton of driving around Europe last week and then I’ll take a break for the rest of June and July until August in New Zealand. Thanks so much for all of your loyal support. We will be doing another golf tournament on September 29th, but

more info to come.

Life is a garden, dig it. w

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