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Thursday, September 28, 2006

It’s back to schnitzel, lederhosen, and weissebier. I arrived in Austria yesterday after a reasonable day of travel on a direct flight from Boston to Munich followed by a two hour car ride to Salzburg. Just in time to move into Austrian Military Housing at the University of Salzburg’s Rif Campus, which seems extremely odd to me but it’s relatively normal for Austrians. All adult citizens (18 years old) are required to serve for six months. However, this military housing, situated just above Rif training center, is only for athletes. Either way, I’m here for a week of intense conditioning training and testing before I meet up with the U.S. Europa Cup Team in Pitztal (a glacier two hours away in Austria). It’s already been a difficult two days, but I’m really happy with the program legendary Austrian trainer, Thomas Stadler, put together for me over the summer and fall. Tomorrow in the first stage of testing we’ll see how far we’ve come.

Anyway, it’s good to be back in Salzburg, my home last season. I hope all is well, w

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The newest member of the USST
Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another amazing Friday:

Last week we had 25 foursomes teeing off at the Owl's Nest Golf Course and raised enough money to pay for my entire year!!!! Today I signed and sent in the United States Ski Team Membership Agreement, which means I am officially a member of the USST.

In New Zealand I wrote a concise letter to Jesse Hunt, USST Alpine Program Director, requesting to be named to the national team without any change in payment schedule or program. He responded with a phone call yesterday explaining their position and decision to pick me up. As of Monday next week when the ski team sends out their yearly press release naming athletes I will be on the list.

Crazy stuff. I am now officially a member of the USST!!!!!!!

I'm off to Austria on Monday, but I'll be in touch. Now it's time to make good turns and keep the ball rolling. I hope all is well, w

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