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MRI Results
Friday, February 23, 2007

Yesterday morning (6:10 AM) I went to Dartmouth Hitchcock for an MRI. Last night radiology reported that I have a bone bruise to my left fibular head (usually a 6-8 week recovery time). So based on the initial injury date, January 19th, I will hopefully be up and ready for Nor-Am Finals on March 14th-17th. Nor-Ams are a huge priority this year so hopefully I can do some training in two weeks and race in three.

Right now I’m working on setting up physical therapy and keeping up my endurance by spinning and looking forward to some light lifting next week. But all and all, it really looks like things are coming together.

Hope all is well, w

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Making the right decision
Monday, February 19, 2007

Hello all.

Life in Europe isn’t quite as good as I hoped (at least for me). The Europa Cup group is ripping; Cody was 5th in an EC slalom today which is impressive. As for me, my leg isn’t holding up. I will be flying home tomorrow to figure this thing out before Nor-Am Finals in a month. I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for Wednesday in Dartmouth.

Take care and I’ll be in touch, w

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Back at it
Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello all,

I hope all of you are doing well. Over the little break I enjoyed a
couple days of good ole NH on Dad's indoor spinning bike, but hopped a
plane to Park City, UT to get a better look at my leg with some of the
team therapists. It turns out the pain in my outer shin was caused
by a strain to my tibia-fibula joint. After a few days out there
doing physical therapy and taking a prescription dose of ibuprofen to
limit the inflammation, I felt much better.

I flew home and then caught a flight back Europe with Paul McDonald,
Cody, and Tim Kelley. We arrived yesterday and skied GS today- I just
free skied- and it felt pretty good. It was the first time in nearly
a month that my leg didn't hurt. So I'm pretty
excited right now. Hopefully this trip to Europe will be better than
that last.

Take care, w

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Back in Gilford
Saturday, February 03, 2007

Florence was amazing- we had a full day to tour the city and take in some of its endless history. Then we hit up a small mountain outside of Trento for two days of training on really soft snow (weird, it actually snowed). My leg was holding up pretty well, but it was clear I couldn’t do too much skiing on it. Then we went to San Candido for two days of slalom racing. The venue started with a long flat and a couple of rolls, a little side hill, and then it rolled over to an impressive pitch down to the finish.

The first day both course sets were ridiculously turny which took out over 80 percent of the field, including me. The second day the snow was still soft, but the course set looked good. I stared 12 skied the top flats well and rolled onto the pitch when I put my bad leg into another hole. I finished that run, but pulled out of the second run because I couldn't ski at 100 percent.

Now, I’m back at home in Gilford taking a planned 10 day break to give my leg a rest and get fired up for another European tour.

Hope all is well, w

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