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Time Trial Results
Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today just wasn't the right day. I arrived at the mountain with tons of confidence after a great day of training yesterday, but when I put on my race skis I just couldn't pull tight radius and find early pressure at the top of the turn. It just felt like I didn't have any grip. I talked to my tech (ski tuner) about it, but he didn't have any answers. I just didn't get the job done. However, I'm skiing well so things aren't so bad.

It was Jake Zamansky's day as he won both runs of the time trial by nearly half a second on the 41 second course over TK and me. TK and I will certainly have more opportunities in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, w

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slalom spot on the line
Friday, November 17, 2006

Early this morning Tim Kelley and I went up to the hill to train some slalom with Bode, but his luggage never made it - it's apparently stashed away in some customs office in Washington- after traveling back from the world cup slalom in Levi, Finland a couple days ago. So it ended up being just Timmy and I training with Bode's entourage in close pursuit. We had a total of 6 coaches spinning around on our loop videoing, coaching, slipping, and carrying our coats. Needless to say, it was probably the best day of slalom training I've ever had and a great way to lead up to tomorrow's time trial. Tomorrow morning Tim Kelley, Jake Zamansky, and I will be hammering for a spot in the slalom at Beaver Creek.

I'm off to bed, but I hope all is well back home. The season is almost upon us. w

P.S. Kevin Francis, one of the Europa Cup speed skiers, ended up winning the GS spot for Beaver Creek a week ago.

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Back to the Centennial State
Friday, November 10, 2006

Well we've been out in Colorado for the past few days and it's more than a pleasant change from Europe. Rather than struggling for a tram ride and a measly 35 seconds of GS training in Pitztal, we have complete autonomy of the backside of Keystone until December 1st. It's a fifteen minute suburban off-road trek to reach the base of the backside of Keystone where the ski team, and only the ski team, has control of the snow, grooming, and lift operation schedule. We basically have a mountain all to ourselves. Needless to say, we have unbelievable training for the next couple weeks.

The last four days we've had some great slalom training and we'll be gearing up for two time trials for World Cup start positions in the GS and SL at Beaver Creek in early December. I will only be racing in the slalom time trial because I already have a World Cup berth in the GS. Based on my world ranking the ski team has given me a spot for the GS and I’m totally psyched. So at the very least I’ll be starting in the GS. It’s a great opportunity, but the first focus of the season is the Nor-Ams at Keystone in the end of November.

We’re all having a great time out here and getting fired up for the start of the season. It’s just a couple weeks away!!!!

I hope all is well, w

If you want to know how WC spots are allocated I’ll try to give you a better idea….World Cup spots are allocated by the number of individuals from each nation that are ranked in the top 60 based off of World Cup Start Lists (WCSL). The only way to be in the top 60 of the WCSL is by scoring WC points. From those allocated spots for each nation each skier that uses them must be ranked in the top 100 based off of FIS point in that event. For instance, when Daron Rahlves retired last season, but is still ranked in the top 60 the U.S. is allocated a spot for him. Since he’s no longer racing the spot can go to any top 100 world ranked U.S. athlete, which is why I have a spot. There are two of these top 100 spots allocated to the U.S. because of Dane Spencer (who is recovering from braking his back last season) and Daron. The only other person without a spot already that is ranked in the top 100 is Brandon Dyksterhouse, a 31year old (or 32) coach for GMVS. Since he’s not currently racing this season and mainly because he’s not a member of the USST, he will have to race in the time trial to pick up the spot. I am currently trying to convince him to race; but either way, there is definitely no one else more deserving of the spot. It would be phenomenal if he picked it up. There is also one additional starting spot referred to as the ‘nation spot’ that is up for grabs. Any U.S. skier with any world rank can use the nation spot. The nation spot is awarded to the best U.S. finisher in the Nor-Am races at Keystone (this is the spot I qualified for last year to race Beaver Creek). Anyway, hopefully that gave some of you a better idea of spot allocation

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