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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Winter Park, Colorado - In the GS, I got a sweet course report from Marco Sullivan, who was forerunning the race. He said you could pin the whole thing except for a long turn on the pitch. When I heard the report, I was like really, really should I be listening to someone that hasn't skied GS in around 3 years. But, I didn't care. I wanted to pin that course and win a national title. I pushed out of the gate hammering really hard. I was focusing on bending my ski at the top of the turn and trying to get a lot of energy out of every turn. It felt like it was working when I came over the first roll with good direction and two gates later I was on my hip sliding out of the course. The snow was really soft and taking that aggressive of a line and approach just didn't work out. Tommy Ford, Tim Jitloff, and Ted Ligety stayed in the race and finished in that order putting together some smart good skiing.

After the race, I caught a ride to Denver with Adam Cole to spend the night in Denver and play some golf. It was really nice to get out here for a day. Getting our car towed and missing our tee time by an hour and a half turned out to not be that big of a deal. Today is the Super G. I was third in it last year, but don't have very high expectations today, which is nice. I start 25 and hopefully the snow will be harder. Time to tuck and make my skis rockets!

Cheers from CO, w

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