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Euro Trip
Saturday, October 20, 2007

We’re back in Austria and the ski season is imminent, last night it even snowed in the city of Innsbruck. We hit some fresh powder skiing this morning at the Stubia glacier, which is about half an hour from where we’re living in Patsch, Austria. We’re currently living in a really nice apartment thanks to our buddy Paul. This place is sick, thanks.

Also staying in the apartments – here in Patsch – is Team America, Bode’s team, which is always fun to be around because his crew is comprised of a bunch of great, athletic guys constantly hammering. Not to mention, the endless entertainment of watching Bode and Robi, his service man/ ski tuner, come back from the Head factory at 10 o’clock at night with a dozen of pairs of skis Bode just pressed, which only gives Robi 8 hours before the skis need to be prepped for their first day of training and testing. One pair is so stiff it weighs 23 pounds without bindings and is ¾ of an inch thick in the tip, basically in weight and stiffness it’s two pairs of his skis glued together. They’re the most outrageous skis I’ve ever seen. And mind you, this is only a week away from the opening World Cup at Solden.

Anyway, I’ve got to run. Roger is just finishing up tuning and then we’re taking off on a 6 hour road trip to Lansgraaf, Netherlands for two days of skiing indoor with the Norwegians since the snow here is soft and bad weather is sticking around. Yesterday at Solden – during our last run – dense fog rolled in and left us lost on the glacier. We were only lost for a few wary minutes as we ended up hiking toward the sound of the lift and got back onto a trail before we skied into oblivion.

Road trip time is upon us. Over and out, w

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Ramping it up and a new relationship
Thursday, October 11, 2007

Over last couple two week after the golf tournament, we've been really ramping it up in workouts.  Today we had an early morning meeting with Sunday River Mountain resort, which we now call our home mountain in return for training, lodging, hill space, and housing.  Then, we drove to Franconia where we did another eccentric lift.  The eccentric lifting is so intense.  Since the counter weighted machine picks the weight up for us, we can stack on 30% more weight than our max concentric (normal) squats.  Today, we did 4 sets of 6 squats.  Each squat we go down for 6 second or longer before a set of coordination jumps.  It's gets pretty brutal.  Today, in our final eccentric lift before Europe, Roger and I got up to 385 lbs.  After we finished up that workout, we played some tennis with Woody, Bode's father, for an hour to fill a little down time between the eccentric workout and our core workout.

The final part of our workout was at Evergreen Gymnastics Gym in Bethlehem, a few minutes down the road from Bode's farm.  Evergreen has been really helpful over the last few months as we've been hammer workouts there all summer, which has been great for our core.  Mike Kenney and Jay Soucy, the owner of Evergreen, set up between 12-15 stations that take about 20-25 minutes to complete each circuit.  It's a brutal way to finish off a day, but our core is definitely in much better shape because of it.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.  w

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Monday, October 01, 2007

I can’t thank all of you – and of course Mother Nature – enough for making Friday’s golf outing such a successful event. The whole day went off without a hitch and it seemed everyone had a great time. Over the last two days I’ve tried to take in what happened on Friday and I still just can’t believe it- those of you that were there can probably understand what I’m talking about. Seeing the first auction item, a pair of used Women’s WC Atomic skis, go for $10,000 was nothing short of unbelievable.

After computing all of the major costs, the tournament raised $33,450, which was above and beyond our goal. What this means is that I will be able to fund my entire season and we’ll be able to have a coach at some of our camps and events. We won’t be able to pay a coach’s salary, but we’ll be able to pay their expenses on at least one Europe camp and while we’re in the U.S. This is huge. Coaching was the one thing that really lacked in New Zealand; we just didn’t have anyone to video, help set courses, and be there mentally for us.

Thanks to all of you that came and helped. It’s your generosity that makes my ski racing pursuits possible. Thank you.

I hope everyone had as much fun out there on the course as my foursome.

I’ll be in touch, w

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