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Kranjska Gora not awesome
Saturday, March 05, 2011

The World Cup GS season is over for this guy. Time to go home and recalibrate. It’s been a long two weeks since Worlds and I’m really ready to see American soil. When there is a big break from race to race it’s pretty challenging to keep your focus. Even though I was relatively productive running skis in and powder skiing over the week break, my focus and patience waned. It’s never a good sign when you’re counting down the days to departure.

Today, I made some good turns up top, got low (on the same roll I had trouble with last year), and was really behind the course. I could have stayed in the course and fought my way to the finish, but I didn’t. There are not many things more painful than giving up when you don’t know exactly where you stand. On the top split I was still in the race and after my mistake I could have crushed the bottom and possibly qualified for second run. I sat on the side of the hill so angry that I quit. Not that I made a bad turn in the bumpy conditions just disappointed that I could have stayed in it. I probably wouldn’t have qualified, but when there is still a glimmer of hope and you toss in the towel it sucks. Last year, that same roll ate me up both days. This hill is kinda my nemesis on the World Cup and it proved to win again. Tommy Ford and Christof Innerhofer both started right before me and both went out on the same two gates.

In the athlete tend, Kjetil Jansurd told me I was skiing well up top and asked why I blew out waiting to hear me say, I gave up. It’s always fun to rip on people when they pull the plug early. Someone certainly needs to, thanks Jansurd. I was really mad at Bode and Ted for doing it in the Super G at Worlds. Today doesn’t feel good. Kranjska 3, Warner 0 – damn it.

As for the rest of Americans, Ted finished 3rd, Jitloff was 24th, Will had trouble on our gate and finished deep, and Bode probably won’t make another appearance this season. Bode hurt his back, it’s not getting better, and the weather in San Diego is very nice this time of year. You never know with him. At any moment he can drastically change his plan, but that’s what Johannes Erhard told me earlier today who talked to him. Alexis Pinturalult had an epic day. The young Frenchman started behind me number 34 and moved all the way up to 2nd. He’s a really good junior that is crushing the Europa Cup tour. Carlo Janka won. The podium was less than 12 hundredths apart. It was nice to see Ted on the podium and he’s now 77 points ahead of Aksel in the overall GS standings.

See you soon America!!! I land in Boston on Monday night around 9:00 PM and I’m still looking for a ride to Gilford, any takers??

Time to travel wax and pack some bags.

Cheers, w

posted by Warner at 3/05/2011 09:39:00 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See you at National Championships hopefully.

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