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At home at the Fogarty B&B
Saturday, March 20, 2010

I’m sitting in bed at the Fogarty B&B in Saranac Lake, NY having a leisurely start to this beautiful day. After hammering out of Waitsfield, VT post rewaxing our race skis and packing up, we made it here last night around 8 o’clock with enough time to get our SG skis ready. Forest texted us today’s schedule around 10 o’clock last night that men’s inspection starts at 11:30. We were all totally pumped to have a nice morning.

Yesterday at Sugarbush was another good day. When we arrived we were expecting a much better group of point holders. However, a few of our buddies, Lief Kristian Haugan, Andreas Haug, David Donaldson, and Fredirick Kingstand, were all there ready to race, but were not entered because of a mix up in Tim Maguire’s emails. Some of them even had responses from Tim – as long as three weeks ago – accepting the entries. Needless to say, we were all a bit bummed out. With them in the race the penalty could have dropped to nine, the FIS minimum. The penalty was 11, instead.

I ended up winning over Adam Cole and Dane. The new boots are working well. I’m starting to get them pretty dialed in. The pair I raced on the last two days is stiffer than the ones I raced on at Waterville. They are more forgiving because they have as much small flex range. Before, in bumpy terrain they somewhat had a mind of their own.

Anyway, off to breakfast and then to the mountain on the lazy-man’s program

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