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Kranjska and Olympic Team
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have a start in Kranjska Gora. There are two races and I have at least one start. We’ll go from there. This season I’ve really been living day to day so frankly it doesn’t make a difference.

Earlier tonight, we had a team meeting to go over tomorrow’s plan. I’m with the Europa Cup group and World Cup GS crew here in Hinterreit, Austria training. Forest Carey, one of the best guys in ski racing, talked about today’s plan and told everyone the Olympic Team. There is a couple extra people on the list – from what I understand – because some nations have decided to field smaller teams so the U.S. is given extra spots. Everyone expected, one’s objectively qualified or are the best 4 American’s ranked in each discipline, along with Will Brandenburg (to race Combined), Jake Zamasky (to race GS), Erik Fisher (to possibly race DH), Tim Jitloff (to be the back up GS/SL guy, Bode has the final GS start as of now), Nolan Kasper (to race SL), and Tommy Ford (to race GS). There was only Tim Kelley and I in the rooms that weren’t that psyched. It’s good to see a few extra guys get the call, but it was somewhat challenging to swallow it. I was fast today in training so that was nice.

Time to suck it up and let it all hang out in Kranjska. Later, w

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