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Dorm livin'
Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello all,

Today, we raced the first of two GS races at Sugarbush. After first run, I was leading just ahead of Dane and Jon by 4 tenths so it was setting up for a fun, tight race between our traveling crew. The races here are Development FIS races, but we were able to stir a bit of interest and get a few other people with good points to show up. Tomorrow will actually be much better since a few guys – like Lief Haugan – will come over after racing the slalom at Nor-Am Finals.

Second run, I watched as two of the three guys that were really excited to score a race blow out. Niko Harmanen, a Finnish skier, that I was traveling with during my Levi, Finland trip needs some GS results and he blew out. Then Jon packed it in hard on the same gate breaking my second best pair of skis... bummer. Then Dane made a big mistake coming onto the flat. So I pushed out the gate and thought nothing more than, let's attack the bumpy pitch and get ready for Lake Placid. I skied well up top and shutter down a bit before the finish, but didn't give up too much. With everyone else's carnage I ended up winning by over a second.

Right now, we're staying in the dorms at GMVS, which is awesome because it’s free and they have pretty good food that we have been taking full advantage of it. Anyway, I gotta get some sleep so we can hammer another day here, then drive to Saranac Lake, NY, and race Nationals SG the next day.

Special thanks to our super coach of the day Cody Marshall. In his coaching début he put both Dane and myself on the podium. Cody, you better come represent tomorrow!!
Cheers, w

posted by Warner at 3/18/2010 10:26:00 PM


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