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Turning up the good in Maria Alm
Thursday, January 21, 2010


We’re in an apartment building parking lot in Saalfelden, Austria picking up some internet so this will be quite short. Today I won a GS in Maria Alm. It was sweet. I started one first run and had a six tenths lead over Jitloff, who started 2. It was definitively a good run. I gave myself room at the gate the whole way down and didn’t have any problems. Second run, I skied pretty well and was very solid at the top. I stivited two turns on the pitch and had good speed the whole way down. When I crossed the line, I looked at the scoreboard, saw the number 2 next to my name, and I used a few choice words under my breath. As it turns out, this particular scoreboard puts up your rank on the second run and not overall so I won the race and finished second on the second run. I was quite entertained when a couple guys in the finish said I won. Jitloff was second seven tenths back ahead of some Norwegians.

Hope all is well where ever you all are. We race tomorrow on the same hill, w

posted by Warner at 1/21/2010 12:53:00 PM


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