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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello all,

After the second day of racing in Maria Alm, we came here to do some dryland and be off snow for two days. The second day of racing in Maria Alm I had a decent first and second run. It certainly wasn’t lightning, but it was fun to be part of an American sweep. Tommy Ford won, Jit was second two tenths back, and I was in third two hundredths behind Jitloff. The last two days have been pretty relaxing here in Patsch we watched Kitzbuhl on TV the last two days.

Today we watched the slalom and saw Nolan Kasper break into the top thirty in his second world cup start. He moved from 60th to 25th and then ended up hiking second run after straddling. But either way, it was impressive to see him make such a big move. Good work Nolan and who knows that might be his ticket to the Olympics.

I gotta run. Dane and I are off to Hinterreit for potentially a couple days of training and hopefully the call up to race Kransjka. I’m expecting a call tomorrow. Hopefully this one will come.

Hope you’re all doing well. w

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