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Friday, January 29, 2010

Today could have gone better. I skied pretty well up top, let it run coming off the first pitch, lost snow contact over a roll, my skis didn’t hook up, and just like that I was out of the course. The snow is very grippy and aggressive here. It’s only slick on a couple gates, but it’s good snow. We’re expecting some natural snow tomorrow so anything could happen, but I have another start. Dane also has a start tomorrow. He just arrived over here from a few FIS races in Italy. Yesterday, he was complaining about his skis being slow so I told him to pull a pair of my race skis from last year out of our van and give ‘em a go. He was 14th after first run then won the second run and moved up to second. So at least a pair of my skis were kicking ass today.

After first run, Nolan Kasper and I went back to the hotel to change and then returned for the second run. Ted totally killed it. He made a couple turns on the pitch that were outrageously impressive to win the race (he’s won here the last two years). Charlie his brother is over here so it was fun to be there for that. Tommy Ford had his best performance of the season finishing 21st, while Jit finished 27th. Zamansky and Nolan didn't qualify.

Another day of full speed ahead tomorrow. Hope you’re all doing well, w

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