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My chance.
Friday, January 08, 2010

Hello from Adelboden,

We rolled into town yesterday after 2 good days of training out of 5 in Reiteralm. We were on a different hill every day, which was good except for when the snow was soft. Either way, the two days were very good. Luckily, last night it didn’t snow so we were able to have a free ski session on the race hill, which makes a huge difference. Before the free ski started, Leif Kristian and I asked Bode what the answer was in free skiing and his response was, “hammer the top pitch and then the second pitch, but make sure to shutter down before you hit the rolls in the fog. I’ve seen more people ruin their seasons during the free ski here than another other hill, except Solden.” Good advice since there is an outrageous amount of blind rolls on the hill.

It’s really nice to get a few runs on the hill to feel the injected surface and get an idea of how your skis are going to react. I was able to get three runs on the hill. My final run I went full strip down to my GS suit to get the speeds up. Blardone, Mr. intensity, took four runs in his GS suit. As for the fog, it will definitely be an issue tomorrow as the weather calls for some snow.

Anyway, I’m fired up for tomorrow and I think it’s pretty neat that my season and one of my career goals all comes down to one race. There will definitely be movement in the Olympic spots. It is time to capitalize on this opportunity.

Cheers, w

posted by Warner at 1/08/2010 10:49:00 AM


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