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Back in the hotel room...
Saturday, January 09, 2010

So today was challenging. The fog was our nemesis as we kept pushing the start back, bummer for those of you that woke up obscenely early to watch. Finally, they moved the start down and started the race. I was pretty fired up and ready to attack my plan. I pushed out of the gate, had great grip and skied really well up top. Through the rolls I got a bit back and lost some altitude, but kept fighting onto the flat, where I set it up too much. I wasn't going all that fast since I made mistakes coming into it and then I brought my line really far out for the final epic pitch. I was just on my edges too long down there; but all and all, I did ski very well. I could have pulled the trigger harder at the bottom and it would have been better; but after watching most of the first seed on TV from the top lodge, it was clear that clean skiing onto the bottom pitch was fastest so that's what I tired to do.

I ended up finishing around 3 tenths off qualifying, but they ended up canceling the race anyway because of the fog. There is a chance they'll reschedule it on Monday maybe, hopefully.

Waiting with bated breath. w

posted by Warner at 1/09/2010 08:56:00 AM


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