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Ramp angle testing
Saturday, August 28, 2010

We are still rolling in Coronet Peak. We have been doing a lot of testing with ramp angles on our GS skis, which essentially means that we are changing the height of the toe piece off the snow compared to the height of the heel piece. That makes up the ramp angle on the skis. Tyrola binding – the brand Head uses and owns – is 6 mm higher in the heel than the toe. We have been using 2 mm binding lifters to change the ramp. Jon with his longer legs, comparatively to mine, he has been really fired up on dropping the toe a bit more, while that set up just wasn’t aggressive enough for me. The ramp angle setup on Ted Ligety’s GS skis are 4 mm lower in the toe. After talking to him about it, I tested that set up for a couple days and didn’t like it. It was good when my skis were relatively dull on harder snow, but in the Japanese FS race last week I tried it on my first run and it was painfully too aggressive. I ended up finishing 3rd, but had a brutal first run. So I’m going with 6 mm lower in the toe. Jon is rocking 8 mm lower with some detuning on the tip and tail. It seems like maybe the super aggressive Dodge boots are making it so that we don’t need quite as an aggressive set up on our skis. I talked with Thomas Vonn about it a little a bit and he said the lowest he’s heard anyone use on Head is 5 mm lower in the toe. Maybe on injection we will revisit this discussion, but I’m happy with where it is for now. After all the testing, I ended up liking the ramp I’ve been using the last two years. The next set of testing will be plate placement on my skis. Right now it’s a bit back from center line the factory uses, but I’m thinking about bringing it further back after a discussion with Alex Ted’s technician. It’s always nice to reevaluate setups in the summer.

This camp we have been working in with various groups and have been able to do a ton of free skiing. The next few days we have two more GS races here starting with New Zealand Nationals tomorrow and then another ANC on September 2nd. The US Team left yesterday so I’m not really sure who will show up. The Norwegians are in Treble Cone now so I don’t think they’ll make it over, but maybe for the ANC races. I might jump into the ANC slalom on the 3rd, but we’ll see.

Hope all is well up north, w

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