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Norway Beach Camp!!!!!
Friday, June 18, 2010

First off, check out jon-olsson.com and his video blog called “The sun never sets on awesome.” It’s us pushing the limits over here and having a ton of fun doing. There is some really kickass video in it. So check it out!

Anyway, I guess more than ever, I have been putting off this update as I feel like its time to actually say something meaningful. Although I do not have a plan, I’m going to ski race next year.

Like I said before, I’m in Norway at what is referred to as Norway Beach Camp with Leif Kristian Haugan, Jon Olsson, Jonathan Norbdotten, Andreas Haug, Hans Olsson, Martin Budal, and Jon’s filmer Crill. This camp is the antithesis of a national team camp. We are a group of guys with one coach, not timing, some gates, a couple wrenches, and a ton of heart making all of our own decisions on the fly. Everyone chips in from setting the course to cooking; it’s more of a community than anything else. When the weather isn’t good we’re off to something more fun and interesting. After four good days of training here on the glacier in Juvass, we’re off for a couple days of surfing three hours away in Stadt. It’s all about smiling and snapping off nasty turns (on water or snow). Or in some of our cases – me included – it’s about not getting pummeled too hard by the massive waves here.

Norway is a crazy place this time of year. It’s absolutely beautiful with countless waterfalls, pretty lakes, and impassively nice beaches. The sun sets, but only for a few hours a day. When it’s cloudy – which is often – it perpetually feels like 6 o’clock. We went out for ice cream after dinner the other night and everything was closed. It turned out it was11:30 PM; I was sure it wasn’t a minute past 8 o’clock.

So the main reason I’m here is more because of Jon. He paid for my airfare and housing here and in return I’m his ski technician (ski tuner) for the camp. It doesn’t change my workload too much. However, I’ve been exhausted after long days on the glacier or coast. Instead of tuning two pairs of skis a day now I’m tuning four. My expectations as a tech are much higher than his so it’s working out very well. I’m happy to be back in the grind of skiing without any distractions. In life I’ve found more than anything else I enjoy the simplicity of focusing on skiing. Whether in New Zealand, Norway, Austria or the US, I love being in the trenches worrying about skiing and nothing else. It’s my way to free my mind from all the random thoughts and pressures of society and focus on what I love. I got a call from Paul Fremont Smith a couple days before I flew here and I told him what I was doing. Paul is a great guy and long time supporter of me and of all ski racing in the US. He asked me what my goals were for skiing and I told him I didn’t have any. He replied with, it’s looks like it’s more of a passion than anything else. And he is exactly right.

Over the last couple months I’ve had a huge aversion to goals. They’re brutal. I’m convinced they bring added stress and change your way of living in a injurious manner. Whether your life goal is to married by the time you’re 30 or you set your sights on reaching the Olympics, they seem more painful especially when it’s well known. When in reality, you tried your hardest and made the best set of decisions you could at the time. Life is about living in a constantly changing and evolving world. Needless to say, I’m over long-term goals. I’ve always been very goal oriented, but mine now reach their expiration date the same day they’re set. My goal today was to not get totally pummeled by the waves. I didn’t. Damn it. But I’m skiing very fast and having a lot of fun.

So ultimately, I’m going to keep skiing. I’m somewhat of a rep for the Dodge Ski Boot, which I believe in and hopefully that will start to bring in some coin. If you’re interesting in buying a pair, I can help dial you in. Since there has been a ton of R&D they’re expensive but certainly faster.

Hope all of you are doing well. Sorry for being so distant. I’ll try to keep updating on a more frequent basis. It’s kinda hilarious how non-committal I even am with my updates.

Cheers, w

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