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Norway Beach Camp
Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear all,

At the end of the season, I really wasn’t sure what to do with my life. Being extremely non-committal, I took on the role of living one hour at a time; which as it turns out, is an entertaining way to live. I never mentioned this in my updates, but as many of you know Jamie Kingsbury (my girlfriend of 5 years) and I broke up back in November so I certainly didn’t have any reason to hurry off to VT. FYI, living one hour at a time is possibly the most fun way to live. No worries, no concern, and whatever looked like the best opportunity that hour was exactly what I was doing. I was able to catch up with my father traveling around the Tahiti islands by boat for 12 days and participated in the Tahiti Pearl Regatta. French Polynesia was certainly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and there was no shortage of fun checking out tons of islands. I was able to catch up with a couple other friends and moved in with my brother (who also broke up with his girlfriend). While I was in Gilford, my current home, I did some random dock work to earn some coin. So basically the last two months were inundated with fun. I did a lot of water skiing, sailing, wake boarding, surfing, crossfit, and partying. After my five year Colby reunion, which was scary and amazing I caught a flight to Oslo, Norway to do some skiing.

More to come... I'm exhausted. See you tomorrow. w

posted by Warner at 6/14/2010 03:21:00 PM


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