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Lots of Italian races
Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello all,

I’m in Paganella right now with the US slalom guys and Dane. Phil McNichol set us up with housing here for the next few days, which is great.

The last two days we raced GS in San Vigilio, Italy. The snow was very soft so moving up was challenging. I skied pretty average both first runs and finished 19th and 17th (which were my bib numbers), then put together two solid second run to move up to 14th and 12th, respectively. Both Dane and Jimmy made the flip (finished in the top 30 after first run) the second day so it was nice to see them putting together some runs.

We are going to race in Pampeago, Italy the next two days, then maybe Madonna the next two days after that. Dane and I were pretty bummed out to watch Val d’Isere World Cup GS this morning to see both Bode and Tommy Ford not start. Which means there were two open spots. The three American’s that did start – Ted, Jitloff, and Zamansky -all made the second run, which is good to see. However, it shows that world cup points are almost certainly the only way secure Olympic berths. We need some more starts.

Hope you’re all doing well. w

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