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Checking in at Finn Air
Friday, November 27, 2009

Checking in at Finn Air:

By the way, Finn Air is brutal on overweight. They charge 10 Euros per kilo over their 20 kilo allowance per passenger (which is essentially $7.00 per pound). It’s crazy. I had about 100 kilos of luggage. Luckily Andy Romar gave me a little tip about packing. He said they have a special rate of 30 Euros per ski bag so I piled four pairs of skis into one bag and it was light compared to my other bag filled with two pairs of skis, a pair of bindings, all my poles, most of my tuning equipment, suits, and some outerwear. I nearly threw out my back loading it into the van the night before. It was definitely over 100 pounds.

When I checked in my duffel bag weighted 25 kilos and luckily they didn’t weigh my ski bag so I ended up paying 110 euros to get my luggage out of Finland. When I added up what it could have cost if they followed their kilo allowance, it was would have cost me over $1200. I guess I was lucky to get away paying about $160. Either way, I absolutely hate paying overweight.

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