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Friday, December 04, 2009

So I finally got the call from Sasha. It took so long that I already knew my fate. He explained how he set the criteria as the best podium at Nor-Ams. I was not on the podium so the decision went to discretion. Sasha decided Andrew Weibrecht deserves the final spot. He explained how it wouldn't be fair to give it to me since I didn't meet their criteria and Warbird didn't have the chance to race since he was racing in the Beaver Creek training runs at the time. He is crushing it right now in speed - which is great to see and I'm totally psyched for him - maybe he will do it in GS too, but with his 25.70 GS points it seems like a shot in the dark. After I got off the phone with Sasha, I called Dane to tell him I would be forerunning and he told me he already knew. I guess I was the last to find out.

Sasha did invite me to training tomorrow morning at Vail, but I opted against it for a number of reason.

1. Vail isn't injected, it's hero snow.
2. Getting there in the morning would be a huge chore.
3. I really need to figure out my grip issue on injection.

So I will be skiing with either the Canadians or some young Aspen kids on the injected race hill tomorrow morning.

I guess it's time to completely blow it out forerunning and make the ski team look like a bunch of fools. That's my plan.


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