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Winter hit Austria.
Thursday, October 15, 2009

It’s -17.5 degrees Celsius at the top of Hintertux. The mountain has been closed ever since I arrived two days ago. It has snowed around a foot and a half down in the valley where we’re staying. As of yesterday morning, it snowed a meter at the top. Right now I’m watching the Hintertux webcam on TV and there isn’t much to see other than fog and snow, but they claim to have another 80 centimeters of new snow, hopefully it didn’t all blow away. Unfortunately, the weather report says we’re getting more snow and colder temperatures for the next couple days. I wish I packed a couple extra layers.

Either way, I’m psyched that I just spent 12 days on-snow in Chile before I came here.

The only real news here is that Herman Maier retired yesterday. At age 36 he spontaneously decided it was time to hang them up. There is some discussion that his knee isn’t holding up that well from a surgery in March, but after a very long decorated career it’s understandable. He will certainly be missed.

Hope you’re all doing well, w

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