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Cody and nzed
Sunday, August 09, 2009

First off, I think it’s important to talk about a buddy of mine, Cody Marshall. Two and a half weeks ago he was out at a local bar, Side Car, in Park City and went to slide down a railing, but ended up falling 20 feet onto his head. Since the accident, he has gone through a number of surgeries and completely come out of a coma. I called him a few days ago and it was so refreshing to hear his voice. For a while is was touch and go, but he’s made dramatic improvements. That being said he still has a long road ahead of him. On the phone, he was a pretty hazy and became a bit mixed up a couple times, but it was just great to hear his voice. His family has been posting multiple updates a day at www.thinkcody.com. For more info check it out.

As for me, the last couple weeks have been pretty hectic trying to dial everything in before New Zealand. Last week I was in Europe getting some new boots with a couple different cuffs to try and picked up 6 pairs of new skis so I’m ready for the next two camps (this one in New Zealand and one in Chile during late September). I am writing this on the endless flight from San Francisco to Auckland. I’m on an Air New Zealand flight on a relatively new plane that has on demand movies, which is a pleasant way to kill some of the 12 hour flight. This camp I will be working in with the Treble Cone Race Academy (the same place I’ve trained that last two years down here) and Apex Racing International (a small private team with only one athlete). I’ve always loved New Zealand so I’m psyched to get down there and get back on snow.

Unfortunately, the golf tourney will not be at the Owl’s Nest this year since they’re fully booked so we’ll be at Indian Mound. It’s mostly my fault for not getting on it early enough.

I’ll be in touch soon. w

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