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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We’re back at it. After over a week down under the weather finally turned for the better. We were skiing in the rain and fog in soft snow ever since we arrived and the last two days have been blue bird days in hard snow.

After a few days of free skiing and training we jumped into the gate today for the first of two GS races down here. After a few months away from racing, it was great to get back into a racing situation with some good competition. The first run, I skied pretty well and did a good job nailing my line off the pitch and onto the flats. I ended up in second half a second behind Swedish skier, Andre Myhrer. Second run, I went with aggressive tactics trying to pin off the line on the upper section and rather than making up time, I pressured my skis too late in the turn, which is never fast. When you make crisp turns the bulk of the pressure is above the gate in the top of the turn. Instead the bulk of my pressure was below the gate that essentially is similar to hitting the breaks at the end of a turn.

I ended up moving back a bit to finish off the podium.

Another day, another lesson reiterated. Hope all is well where ever you are, w

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