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Still in the Hunt
Friday, February 06, 2009

My goal for this season is to win the Nor-Am GS Title. Going into Nakiska I was leading the GS standing by a couple points ahead of Jeffrey Frisch. The first day of GS, I was putting together a good first run before I came over a roll without enough direction and had to hammer on the breaks to stay in the course. I ended up finishing the run in 19th place 3.2 seconds off the lead. Second run, I was second on the run and moved upto10th place to pick up a few points, while Frisch finished 14th and Spence won to take over the Nor-Am GS lead. Yesterday, I had another disappointing first run with a mistake on the pitch that left me in 11th place. The second run, I pushed out of the gate as hard as I could and put together a solid run going a little too straight in a couple sections to finish the race in 6th place, behind Frisch in Spence.

So I’m in the Calgary Airport pretty disappointed with the series, but I’m still in contention with one race left in Lake Placid in mid March to reach my season goal. I haven’t talked to much about these races, but the winner of the Nor-Am title and the person that comes in second both receive a protected World Cup spot for the next year in that event. Below is a list of the current GS standings. I haven’t talked about the standings in earlier updates as it makes me quite nervous and I won’t talk about it again until its over, but it all comes down to one race in March. It’s certainly going to be an exciting finish. I was really hoping to lock it up here, but having big mistakes in one run of both races made that impossible. We’re still in it and we’ll be battling down to the last hundredth.

Hope you’re all doing well. Our plane is about to depart, w

Nor-Am GS Standings

Brad Spence CAN 305
Warner Nickerson USA 286
Jeffrey Frisch CAN 278
Will Gregorak 199
Tommy Ford 172

Points: 100 for 1st place, 80 2nd place, 60 3rd place, 50 4th place, 45 5th place, 40 6th place, 36 7th place, 32 8th place, 29 9th place, 26 10th place, 24 11th place, 22 12th place, 20 13th place, 18 14th, 16 15th place, from there its 1 point less to 30th place

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