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GS is finally here...
Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hello all,

The last couple days have been brutally cold. It just makes zero degrees Fahrenheit feel warm.

The last four days we raced 2 super g races, a super combined, and two giant slalom races. I finished in the late teens to early twenties in the two super g’s and 8th in the super combined with a pretty disappointing slalom run. Super combined is the combination of a super g run and a slalom run all in one day.

Yesterday, I started my GS series with a mediocre day finishing 5th about two second off the pace. But second run, I was able to make a couple of good turns in the middle section and began to understand what is fast on this hill. The race hill at Panorama is flat and requires you to go exceptionally straight and just be over your skis the whole way making quick, tight arcs.

First run today, I started 5th and was able to follow the plan. I gave myself room on a couple of gates up top and then went exceptionally straight, but stayed balanced and ahead of the course. After the first run I had a four tenth lead. Second run, I was a little static, but skied quite well with a decent mistake on the bottom. The track was starting to get rough starting 30th. I came into a tight section and got caught up in some soft snow and was pulled pretty low definitely losing some valuable time. I crossed the line and ended up finishing 2nd four tenths behind Jeff Frisk who won both days.

Frisk had two great days up here. As for Team Maximum Velocity adopted members, Sam Sweetser, Leif Haugan, and Charles Christianson, put together a few top 5 and top 10’s up here. While Dane Spence was second on the second run today and is starting to make some impressive GS turns.

All and all, we made some good progress up here and were able to pick up some coveted Nor-Am points. We are off to awards and then start our 12-hour road trip to Park City, UT in Sam Sweetser’s purple mini van.

Hope all is well, w

posted by Warner at 12/18/2008 04:53:00 PM


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