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Ending the season in Europe
Thursday, February 28, 2008

After finishing up a couple successful races in Madesimo – I finished a decent 11th the second day – I drove four hours to Patsch, Austria to train the next three days in Mutters (two days of slalom and one day of GS) The snow was a little soft, but the training turned out to be killer with Dieter Bartsch, who is an older Austria coach with a remarkable resume. It was a perfect opportunity to reiterate my focus of keeping my shoulders down in GS and getting better timing in SL.

I had a pleasant flight home and was able to reflect on a solid Europa Cup GS season. Last year I didn't score a single Europa Cup point, while this year I scored 89 point, which is currently 21st on the EC GS standings. I'm pretty psyched about that.

I’m back at home now and certainly happy to be here. From here I go to Georgia Peaks, Canada, a 12 hour drive away, next weekend and then it’s hammer time until April.

Hope all is well, w

posted by Warner at 2/28/2008 01:22:00 PM


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