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Ripping around in an Audi S4 (that's not ours...awesome)
Friday, December 07, 2007

We’re still up here in Norway for two night GS races because the two GS Europa Cup races in France were cancelled. The organizers are having this series at night so high school kids can still attend school during the day, which seems logical. Not to mentions, the sun is only up for four hours a day. I missed the first night race last night because I ate some bad chicken at a local Chinese joint the night before. Don’t eat Chinese in Norway; it’s just not worth the risk. But I’m back to normal today, which is pleasant.

Anyway, we’ve been driving around a sick 2008 S4 Audi that the Finnish Ski Team loaned us because they had too many cars up here in return for driving it to central Europe with them tomorrow and the next day via the ferry from Oslo, Norway to Belgium. When they handed over the keys they told us that they had good insurance on the car so whatever happens happens. On the drive from Are, Sweden to Aal, Norway the Finns stuffed this particular S4 into a guard rail in the snowy conditions around a tight left footed turn and put a nice racing strip on the front quarter panel. So either way, we’re pumped to have a free ride up here because with our ridiculously weak dollar and they’re strong kroner everything is outrageously priced. Dinner for two at a fast food restaurant – where we were drinking out of paper cups – cost us 50 USD. A gallon of Diesel in Norway costs $8.48, bummer.

Anyway, the Europa Cup GS’s up here were decent. I finished 28th and 18th, but put together some good turns on this flat hill and accumulated some Europa Cup points for the first time in my career, which was great. We’re hoping to race the next Europa Cup GS in St. Vigil, but since the U.S. Ski Team controls the spots they can decide to race other athletes at their discretion. Hopefully the ski team will let us race.

I gotta run. Hope you’re all doing well, w

posted by Warner at 12/07/2007 10:08:00 AM


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