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Welcome to Trondheim, Norway
Friday, November 30, 2007

So the good news is we’ve made it to Trondheim, Norway (only two hours away from Are, Sweden where we’re racing slalom tomorrow). The not so good news is that only two bags of our 8 checked in arrived at our side. The two bags were Roger’s and neither of them contained skis, bummer.

It’s 9:10 PM here and apparently three of our bags – checked in under my name – are expected arrive at 11:00 via Copenhagen, which is a long story as we flew through Frankfurt and Olso. So right now we’re just hoping that both of us will have a pair of slalom skis to race on tomorrow. We split up our slalom skis to insure that at least one pair would make it, but since the check in person at DIA printed all of our tags off together and randomly tagged our bags, we have no idea what’s going to arrive. The rest are scheduled to arrive via Oslo tomorrow afternoon.

So we’re crossing our fingers, waiting it out, and hoping that we can actually race in the AM on our equipment.

The world tour continues. w

Nor-Am Recap:
In the last GS, I had another stellar first run and was in second, then got a bit late in the ruts second run and moved back to 13th, but still scored a result, which was nice.
The slalom I think I finished 17th and 15th, but wasn’t happy with any of the 4 runs.

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