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back in holland
Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A lot has happened since I last sat down at my trusty computer to put together a little update. Our trip to Holland, two weeks ago, turned out to be quite an adventure. We ran into a complete grid lock traffic jam, created our own off ramp thru a field onto a farmers goat road (we merely followed a few locals), watched a drunk driver back up into another car at a service station rest area, and finally settled down for the night in our van around 2 AM after 8 hours of driving. In the morning we saw the gargantuan tin shell or dome and we knew we’d finally arrived. Skiing inside is entirely entertaining. The dome’s climate is cold – without any sunlight – with a musty, humid dampness similar to an indoor ice rink. It has a Vegas/Casino like aura as florescent lights are always illuminated and music is constantly playing making time seem entirely irrelevant.

We trained with the Norwegians for two days on the extremely flat 25-second slalom course. It’s only FIS legal because indoor races are held to a much lower standard. Both Roger and I got smoked by a couple of the Norwegians, but it was just what we need to get motivated for out last prep camp.

We left Holland and drove straight to Munich to pick up Rogan Connell, the current Bates College coach, approximately two hours late, whoops. Rogan came over to help us out and be our coach for the last 10 days. It makes a huge difference having a coach around for course setting, slipping, coaching, video, and general banter. Rogan was great; we just wish we had him for the rest of the season.

With Rogan around we had 5 great days of GS where both Roger and I made some big strides at the Stubai glacier only a thirty minute drive from the apartment in Patsch. In slalom we had a couple good days and I’ve changed my boots canting set up so my slalom boots have about a 0.4 degree cant out to give me just a bit less edge angle than before.

We just took a couple days off and now we have two days of training back up in Landgraaf before the Europa Cup season opener. The world cup schedule changed due to limited snow in Finland so the field here in Landgraaf is very strong. The prep season is over and now it’s time to get after it.

Hope all is well and I’ll be in touch. w

posted by Warner at 11/06/2007 02:36:00 PM


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