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Back on the snow
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The last three days I’ve been training with my new teammates on the USST Europa Cup Team in Mammoth, California. Life with the USST is like being part of a totally different world with what seems to be an unlimited budget. Last year we had a total of 4 coaches for 14 athletes at our most staffed camp in Hintertux, Austria. This camp we have 5 coaches, 3 ski service technicians (ski tuners), and two snowmobile drivers. Yes, a high speed quad’s turn-around isn’t efficient enough for this group. It’s ridiculous, but it certainly has many advantages. All and all, the national team just has much greater resources which give their athletes greater opportunities.

This is a week long slalom elements camp. And after 6 weeks off snow my slalom is right where it left off and I think I’m already making steps in my skiing. I’ve been playing with my mounting points on my skis (basically I’m moving my bindings a cm back on my skis to find a better balance point), which is making it easier to get over my skis and stay more balanced making more proficient slalom turns. A shout out is deserved to Jimmy Cochran who gave me the idea after watching me struggle getting over my skis on the second day.

Although, it seem awful strange skiing in 60 to 70 degree weather, the large support staff and copious layers of chemicals on the snow makes the training exceptional.

I hope summer is off to an equally great start for you all. Take care, w

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