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End of the season newsletter
Tuesday, May 02, 2006

First off, I would like to thanks each and every one of you for your unbridled support and help during the past season. Your email responds overflowing with excitement and strength helped pick me up when I was down and kept a smile on my face throughout the long season. Your enthusiasm and assistance made this year possible. And together we made qualifying for the national team after college a viable option.

All said and done, this past season was a resounding success. My points, and world rank, significantly dropped in each event. The highs were in the stratosphere and they completely overshadowed the lows. From the World Cup start in Beaver Creek to the first podium and victory in Europe a week ago, it was a fun ride.

My two-year goal at the beginning of the season was to qualify for the USST B Team, which requires two top 100 world ranks in any of the four disciplines. At the end of the season my world ranks dropped to 100 in slalom and 102 in giant slalom (the list closed too early for the Super Gs in Norway to count for USST selections), leaving me a couple hundredths of a point away from reaching USST objective criteria. Since they do not stray from their criteria for older athletes, I will not be named to the USST.

However, they offered me an invitational position with the Europa Cup team (comprised of B and C team members) for next season at a cost of 15,000 dollars. After talking to a couple of the coaches, I will be a member of the team in all aspects except on paper. The first camp begins in Mammoth in mid June.

Thanks for a hell of a year. Now it’s time to get my life in order and start preparing for another big year.

Hope all is well, w

posted by Warner at 5/02/2006 09:05:00 AM


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