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Finally a respectable finish
Saturday, April 01, 2006

So we’re three beers deep and believe it or not I am certainly feeling it. Actually that’s two beers and a Jell-O shot with Dad. Either way, we had a damn good day with moments of brilliance. The snow was perfect. It was hard as a rock and slightly grippe. First run, I took a very conservative line on a few trouble sections of the course (entering snow bowl, headwall, and kangaroo). They always have wacky, irrelevant names for different sections of well known race courses such as this one. Anyway, I was conservative because I wanted to finish. After the first run I tied for 7th place 1.7 off the lead.

Then the second run came and I decide to have fun. I bent my ski at the top of each turn, took an aggressive line, and let my skis run pretty much the whole way down. I became slightly caught up near the finish when I lost snow contact on my downhill ski, but it didn’t really affect my speed or line too much. When I crossed the finish line I was up by nearly 1.5 seconds and finished in 5th place on the day and 2nd on the run behind Bode.

All and all, it was just what the doctor ordered. Take care and we’re going to do just a little cerebrating. w

posted by Warner at 4/01/2006 01:22:00 PM


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