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Good skiing
Thursday, April 06, 2006

The last two days we were racing at Sunday River. The first day, Iskied exceptionally well (winning the race by 1.5), but the points we not spectacular. The better the racers are that attend each race, the better, technically lower, the point are. Yesterday, we raced againand I took a more 'ski to finish' attitude, which is never ideal. I still won, but the two low point holders, Jimmy Cochran and Chip Knight, didn't finish. Either way, we walked away from Sunday River with two wins.

Today we were scheduled to race at Killington. However, inclement weather ruled the day and the race was cancelled. Hopefully, we'll be able to get at least one slalom race off before skiing in the east is over. Without good scoring opportunity here we, a few of us from SRI, are considering the option of extra starts in Norway. We can only hope for decent weather and a race tomorrow. Take care, w

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