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Westward bound
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Although Whiteface took a lot of wind out of my sails, the season is far from over. There are still some great opportunities ahead. I’ve been hamming the last few days and my GS is making some headway. Yesterday, I raced in the Canadian National GS in Mont Saint Anne and finished 3rd behind JP Roy and John Kucera. It was nice to beat the Canadian Nor Am squad, but Kucera put together two strong runs so I ended up too far off the pace to score a point race. I’m in the Manchester Airport – taking advantage of some free wifi – getting ready to fly to Salt Lake for two days of GS racing, then off to Alaska for US Nationals (where apparently there is a volcano erupting blowing ash 50,000 feet into the sky limiting some travel to AK, but all is on for now), Colorado spring series, and Mammoth spring series. My goal during next few weeks is to score at least one low point race in GS. Game time is upon us.

I’ll be in touch, w

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