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The season's over...
Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I’m back at VIP Auto in Littleton, NH (another place that has free wifi). I drove through here three weeks ago (March 6th to be exact) on my way to Toronto for Nor Am Finals when VIP installed the wrong tires on my car. They put on the Hero tires rather than the Falkens, which looked like decent tires and at only 6 dollars more per tire and another 10,000 miles on their guarantee I couldn’t say no. Anyway, they only had 2 Falkens tires in stock so the technician opted –rather than going with 2 and 2 – to put Heros on all four of my wheels. When I walked out to the car I quickly turned around to voice my complaint. The technician told me I could come back within 30 days to exchange them if I really hated them, and I did. They were awful in the snow. Anyway, here I am back at VIP with 4 days to spare after I put 3,200 miles on the tires… my bad. I’m pretty sure they didn’t expect that.

Anyway, today marks the end of Team Maximum Velocity’s season. Over the past six days I raced 2 GS, 2 SG, and 2 SL races (these stated two days after the GS at US Nationals). It’s always good to show up at Eastern Cup Finals to try to help out the east with points and if all goes well score in a race or two. I ended up scoring a couple of SG results and was actually pretty happy with the way I skied. In the tech (GS and SL) races I made some good turns, but didn’t end up scoring.

It was a long season. I can’t really believe it’s over, but it was a long one, the longest I can remember. Only 107 days on snow with 42 races, but the last few weeks were pretty draining traveling without Roger. Anyway, it’s over and now it’s time to figure out how to create a better program next season. I’ll be in touch, w

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