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Monday, March 24, 2008

Nationals are back on track. We raced the slalom on Saturday. I made a few good turns up top and blew out just before the finish along with almost half the field. I’m actually thinking about moving my binding back a centimeter to see if that’ll help me get over my skis a bit more… we’ll see.

The SG was yesterday, I started 21 and put together a great top split – I was in third on the top – made a few mistakes on the flat and finished in 14th. All and all, I was happy with the way I skied. I used a new pair of skis that were really easy to turn and I finally felt stable in SG again.

Today was the downhill training and race. Since I haven’t raced any speed all year and haven’t even stepped into a pair of DH skis, I decided not to race and just take a few free run with my Mom and brother in the AM on GS skis.

Tomorrow is the GS so it’s game time. I love this hill, I’m psyched with my skis right now, and it’s time to get after it. I drew bib 2 so things are already looking good.

Bring it on. w

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