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The desperation tour has come to an end.
Monday, April 23, 2007

We just finished up four days of racing in Finland (2 SL and 2 GS). Roger put together four solid runs to win both of the slaloms, but didn’t score quite what he was looking for (he scored a 12 and a 14, rather than two 12s). Jamie, who came here just for the two slaloms, received her ski bag after the second slalom forcing her to borrow random different skis at the start both days. Her skis showed up the night before the two GS races after two days of countless phone calls and many headaches. She definitely had the worst luck.

As for me, I wasn’t too worried about the slaloms and was happy to see Roger put together some runs. I came to score one GS. The first day of GS, I had a disappointing first run. I came inside at the top of the turn, trying to cut off the line, without giving myself enough room to snap off a powerful turn so I wasn’t fast. But I got fired up for the second run and brought a new tactic. I was looking at the turning gate, rather than the panel, so I could be a bit more patient and put together more powerful turns by having better vision. The different tactics were paying off until I went down on my side and didn’t finish. And just like that GS opportunity 1 was gone.

The second day of GS I was totally fired up – I drew 4 – and knew if I put together two runs I could win. The first run I took the same tactics as the second run the day before and finished in forth 6 tenths out. Then I re-waxed my skis and got ready for run number 2. I pushed out of the gate and put together a solid run. It definitely could have been faster, but what can you do. When I crossed the line I was a full second ahead of the current leader so I knew there was a chance. However, the next four races put down faster times so I ended up finishing in forth a second off the leader.

Eric Lundy, another American at the race put it best, “You can’t put any more quarters into this season.”

Yesterday was my last chance to qualify for the ski team next year. I put everything into in, but it just wasn’t enough. I lost. All three of us are leaving the desperation tour without meeting any of our trip goals. Burnt out and disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel.

Life will go on, but I hope ALL of your weeks were better than ours, w

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