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A day to remember.
Friday, January 05, 2007

This morning felt a lot more like April than January as we rolled into Sunday River watching water pour off the roof of the lodge and the snow literally evaporate. The thermometer read 46 degrees at 7 AM, which is never a good sign for a ski race.

However, the snow held up exceptionally well- better than yesterday- after the race crew spread chemicals (salt) down the course. My first run was solid without any mistakes, but I just didn't charge quite hard enough. I was in fifth, but luckily I was only three tenths off the lead. Second run- set by Mike Kenney- was a tight, quick course without too much distance across the hill. I kicked out of the gate and charged down the first pitch finding early pressure and linked together some really good turns. The bottom of the course had a bit more swing and I, like many of the competitors, just hardly kept it together to stay in the course and make it to the finish. When I came across the line I thought… well that was good; finally I didn't make any big mistakes. I was in the finish corral just hoping nobody would torch it and nobody did.

I ended up winning the race by a tenth over Cody Marshall and Tim Kelley (tied for second). A podium finish for Cody meant he was invited to Europe with us for the next trip. It will be a treat to be back on the road with Codywa.

We leave for Europe tomorrow with some more confidence, but let's keep praying for snow in the east or at least cold weather.

A Nor-Am victory- what a day!!! It was a nice ending to an American sweep at the Sunday River series. American's took home 10 of the possible 12 podiums!!!! Good work Wilbur, Jit, TK, Cody, and the Warbird.

I'm off to have some beers with the bro. Take care, w

P.S. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Steve for coming up and cheering me on.

posted by Warner at 1/05/2007 08:02:00 PM


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