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A day at the white circus
Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hello all,

Yesterday was a huge opportunity. After inspection I knew there was a great chance I could qualify for a second run as I drew bib 54. The course was challenging with a few tough sections, but the rock hard ice made it anyone’s race.

As I stood in the gate there were a number of coaches behind me screaming at the top of their lungs GO GO GO GO GO!!! I looked down at my skis and pushed onto the course with all my might. I was charging as hard as I could- my top split showed I wasn’t loosing much time- as I hammered into the Golden Eagle jump. I took an aggressive line and pinned off the first three gates of the pitch, but I just lost pressure on my down hill ski and couldn’t make it across the hill to the next gate. And just like that my day was over.

Either way, it was a great opportunity and I can walk away with more confidence in GS. Today, I was up there watching the slalom and it was impressive to see just how hard the winners are pushing the limits of the sport. It was a tough day for American’s as Jimmy Cochran was the only finisher in 22nd place.

Since there isn’t much snow in Europe we’re hanging around here for a few days to catch some races in Winter Park before we rip over to Europe at the end of the week for the next World Cup GS, Alta Badia.

I hope all is well, w

Thanks to all of you that came out!!! It was great to be in the finish corral with my mother, brother, Jamie, Glaugh, Alex, David, Katie, Kellan,. Katie, Heather, and everyone else.

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