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Sunday River
Thursday, January 04, 2007

It’s faster to go full pin and have a few mistakes than hold back so that’s what I’ve been doing in Sunday River the past few days.

We’ve been racing in a four day Nor-Ams series up in Maine. In the day of first GS (Tuesday) I skied well and really picked up the slack on the second run finishing on the podium in third place and scored a small FIS point race (which is always a good thing). Yesterday, another GS, I had a solid first run and had a really big mistake four gates from the finish on the second run which moved me all the way back to 7th. It was a tough break, but at least I still scored some coveted Nor-Am points, but clearly not enough (the top two finishers at the end of the season, in each discipline, earns an automatic world cup spot for the following season).

Today we had our first slalom which turned out to be just like the last few days fast with mistakes. I was in third after the first run. On the second run, I came over a roll without enough direction and nearly come to a stop, struggling to stay in the course. I made it and miraculously only lost one position, finishing in fourth on the day.

All and all, the series so far has been successful, but we’re looking for more. Tomorrow is the last day of competition; it’s time to dig deep and throw down. I bib drew 3, my best starting spot of this series, so it’s on.

Happy New Year to all, w

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