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North America
Sunday, March 05, 2006

“It’s nice to be back in North America” -Cody Marshall

This was the sentiment of our weekend. Instead of getting beaten up in Europe against competitive world cup racers, we spent the last few days getting paid to race in Camp Fortune, Ontario. We were paid to bring in low FIS points. It was perfect. The first day I put together two solid runs, nothing amazing, to win and scored a 16 (which is my best slalom result of the year). My slalom skis are starting to come into their prime and so is my slalom skiing. The second day I blew out and hiked. But needless to say, it’s nice to back in North America.

All of our team is crushing back here. Europe forces you to find a new gear and we brought it back to the US. Chris Frank and Colin Devore are destroying at Eastern Champs in Sugarloaf, while Cody, Mark, Johnny and I were lighting it up in Canada.

The next few days I’m home in Gilford trying to get my speed skis up and running before Nationals. The schedule for the next few weeks is pretty intense as it’s the end of the year push. Our next races are Nor-Am Finals in Panorama, U.S. Nationals at Sugarloaf, Eastern Cup Finals at Sugarbush, and then Rocky Mountain Trophy Series in Breck, CO. .

Hope all is well. w

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