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A premature ending to a trying week
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A premature end to a trying week

Yesterday in the GS, I had a mediocre first run putting me in 6th place and 7 tenths off the lead. I wasn’t overly happy with my run as I pinched off the line on a few crucial gates, but either way I was definitely in striking distance. Pinching off the line means that I did not give myself enough room at the top of the turn.

The second run I was fired up and ready strike. I took a slightly higher line skiing extremely well. Nonetheless, coming onto the flats I took an aggressive line and ended up straddled a GS panel which I now know is not a pleasant experience, but I can’t say I wasn’t going for it.

Unfortunately, that error left me with a bruised back, a sore right shin, and a bone bruise on my lower tibia plateau. In a futile attempt to stay in the running for the Nor-Am Slalom Title, I raced today. The first run I started 5th and could handle the pain from the bruises as I finished in 7th place. However, my moderately respectable first run made me start 23rd on the second run. The rough ruts of the late starting number made it far more difficult to keep my skis from chattering. Each chatter sent a deep pain into my left knee which made me ski conservatively and I soon straddled yet again.

After assessing the situation with my coach Wolfi, I am leaving the Nor-Am series early to rest my knee and get ready for more racing in Europe. I am still flying to Europe on Friday and will continue rehab with our trainers in Salzburg, Austria.

It was a disappointing week, but these moments are indicative of ski racing. I expect to be back in full force within two weeks.

I hope your week is off to a better start than mine. w

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