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Windham is sweeter than Hunter
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I hope all of you had at least a few brilliant, exciting moments over New Year's Eve. Mine was less than exciting and borderline infinitely weak; but nonetheless, quite pleasant. I think I'm getting old. It consisted of a bunch of guys sitting around watching 24 onDVD with a couple beers each. The bottom line is our weak festivities will keep us healthy for the heart of the season.

2006 is off to a good start with a few good turns and good times (on and off the hill). I've been in Windham, New York for the past four days training. Today started a four day series of Nor-Ams at Hunter Mountain (the schedule is GS, GS, SL, and SL). It's back to Nor-Am racing rather than the Eastern Cups which means the competition is far more fierce and aggressive as a World Cup start for next year is on the line. After a successful series in Sugarloaf, Maine it was time to put our speed and tactics to a test. And well... let's just say we lost in our first test at Hunter. The snow conditions and terrain were different. The only way to win at Hunter with soft snow is to go straight, limit yourmistakes, and hold your line without pivoting. Today we finished 7thon the day and 4th (I think, but when it's not better it really doesn't matter) on the second run.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will straighten out the line, have more ankle flexion, eliminate the pivot at the top of the turn, and push for the podium.

7th is no way to earn a World Cup spot.

Happy New Year, w

posted by Warner at 1/04/2006 07:19:00 PM


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