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cabin fever, Chile powder... and housepainting
Friday, September 30, 2005

The last few weeks have been awful crazy- from intense cabin fever in La Parva, to the most epic powder skiing, to even the most surprising of all: fast speed skis out of the box. The last few days I even spent painting a house in Maine to boost my profits. Not to mention, the last three weeks gave me a chance to meet the coaching staff of SRIA, pick up a few needed speed results, and lead the South American Cup Standing. The coaching staff is by far the most determined coaches I've ever seen or even heard of. They spend their days making sure our training would be the best- picking the hardest lane and going up with the groomers day after day making sure the lane was perfect.

As far as the races went, the two tech races (a SL and a GS) were both cancelled due to inclement weather, but the speed races went off without a hitch.

The downhills went extremely well. The first day of racing I couldn't believe how fast my skis were running and thanks to Steve Nyman I scored a 37 downhill result. My best DH by far. The second day we didn't fare as well as the whole eastern team missed the wax and might as well slept in and caught an episode of the OC on dvd. We all got killed.

Luckily, we hit the wax for the two super g races. The first day, I skied exceptionally, but having no South America points was my downfall. We followed the women who set an extremely different track. Either way, I put down a good run and landed a spot on the podium. More importantly, I picked up enough South America Cup points to be in the drivers seat for the final day of competition.

The morning was warm, which was damn good due to our highly accurate waxing technique- we picked the wax by bulk. Whatever we had the most of we waxed... and it worked. I started 2 and set the straighted track ever, I even took it a bit too far almost missing a blind gate, but as most of us know, when you start early you can set any track you possibly want. That was in my favor which landed me a spot on the top of the podium, a few pictures with the best looking Chilean models, and a monstrous bottle of 35 SUR wine (they sponsored the final day racing).

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